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Cancer Essay
Cancer Essay
A cancer essay on the deadly disease which accounted for 13% of human deaths in 2007 is a must for students who have interest in medicine. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that 84 million people would die of cancer between 2005 and 2015 without intervention. So what is this killer disease? It is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal or malignant cells in the body. The most dangerous aspect of cancer is that it can occur in any part of the body. An essay writing exercise could include pictures and other graphics that highlight this.
Cancer can affect the skin, colon, lungs, breast, nervous tissue, bones, and the blood. The abnormal growth of cells cannot be controlled by the body where cells forget to “die” and cause healthy cells in adjoining areas to be affected. This process is called metastasis. To update itself on how to tackle this very serious medical problem, WHO joins the sponsoring International Union Against Cancer every year on Feb. 4 to promote ways and means reduce the burden of member countries.
The good news is that most almost 30% of cancer deaths can be prevented. A cancer essay would indicate that the safest method to avoid cancer is to prevent exposure to the many common risk factors that cause it like tobacco smoke. Many cancers can be cured by radiotherapy, surgery, or chemotherapy. People have to be regular with their medical checkups as cancer can be cured if detected early. Prevention is difficult in low and middle income countries.
Population growth has made it difficult for governing bodies to offer medical care and educate the masses on bad habits that can cause cancer. A research paper from WHO has indicated that more than 7.6 million people or 70% of all cancer deaths in the world occurred in developing and poor countries. A health studies and nursing essay can be written on the series of six modules developed by WHO that offers complete practical advice on how to handle effective cancer control programs.
There are various forms of cancer that cause serious problems but can also be avoided. As reported by Mediline Plus, a study confirms that smoking raises the risk of getting esophageal and stomach cancers. More than 120,000 Dutch adults were tested. Researchers found that smoking increased the risk two forms of stomach cancer and esophageal cancer from 60 percent to 263 percent in comparison to non smokers. Alcohol affected risk of getting esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
The National Cancer Research Institute organizes the NCRI Cancer Conference every year. This is the major forum in UK that discusses the advances in research made in the country and internationally. The 2010 Conference to be held in Liverpool would focus on enhancing opportunities for networking and sharing knowledge. Every year, it brings together leading experts and world class researchers onto a common podium.
The best way to prevent cancer is to avoid smoking, chewing tobacco products, or drinking. Many cancers can be prevented by avoiding excessive exposure to sunlight. Breast cancer is very common among women. Mammography and colonoscopy are two common screenings to detect early symptoms of cancer, which can help cure it. A cancer essay should include the latest methods for prevention and cure of cancer.

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