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1984 Essay
1984 Essay
The 1984 essay is based on the novel by George Orwell published in 1948. Nineteen Eighty-Four takes place in Oceania, one of the three intercontinental super states where totalitarianism becomes the order of the day, the other two being Eastasia and Eurasia. A global war leaves the spoils to be distributed among these three states. The essay or story is set in Airstrip One, the name used by the author for England. Total power exists in the hands of Big Brother, the party leader. He has established a state where there is no room for privacy in the lives of people.

There is a distinct social divide consisting of the upper class, middle class, and lower class. Winston Smith is the main character who works as an editor. His job is to revise historical records and match them to the party line of thinking. People who do not fit the bill or are found to be politically incorrect are identified as unwanted persons. The role of the party is to change the mindset of the poor people in England through total dictatorship. A drama essay on what transpires would be able to better express the conversion that needed to take place.

The gloom that is created by the environment created by Big Brother is reflected in real terms when people are forced into submission. The party symbol is seen everywhere, on television screens, posters, and even coins. The novel starts with the clock striking thirteen, a figure known to bring bad luck. Though it goes on to mention that the clock is a 24-hour clock, the message is conveyed loud and clear. In the 1984 essay, Winston Smith is an unlikely main character. He is projected as a thin, frail, middle-aged commoner who later becomes the face of revolt against the system. He disapproves of Big Brotherís dictatorship and tries to rebel. Julia, his girlfriend, supports him in his endeavors.

Total authoritarianism has no face, but is shown to strike without mercy in the novel. Winstonís anti-party stand is exposed by OíBrien, a prominent member of the party. There are other characters involved like Mr. Charrington and Emmanuel Goldstein, who is considered the number one enemy of the state. He had written a book that encouraged revolt against the system. Though 1984 was written at a time when such rule was not established, it was actually predicting a grim picture for the future. Essay writing should make people aware of the consequences of war and totalitarianism. Political beliefs and principles would only be an excuse for the strong to exploit the weak.

Oppression shows no mercy. This is evident, as Winstonís revolt is curbed with brutal force. He is totally broken in body and soul. There is a very bitter message being conveyed here. Do we curb the human spirit and freedom for better security? Would we be giving into pressure by forsaking our basic right to freedom and falling prey to the works of terrorists? The latter message holds good. What is life without the freedom to live it? We need to be at peace with ourselves and others. A 1984 essay or research paper should convey this message across to readers.

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