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Essay Conclusion – Simple Guidelines
Essay Conclusion – Simple Guidelines
An essay conclusion is written with just one intention, which is to summarize what was written earlier in the essay. In an argumentative essay, it would summarize the arguments. In a descriptive essay, it would remind readers with a brief description. Care should be taken not to deviate from the earlier content. The content would have been researched and elaborated in the essay. In the conclusion, the research is just condensed and the main points highlighted. Students are allowed the freedom to phrase the essay in any way they want. There is no hard and fast rule. The only condition is that no new essay ideas are introduced. This would indicate that the essay is incomplete, and readers would be left wondering if more were to follow.

The reasons for writing a conclusion should be clear. For example, if you wanted to highlight the performance of your school in an inter-school debate competition, the thesis statement would contain the reason for writing the essay. In this case, it could be to highlight that your school stood first in the competition. The conclusion just reiterates this statement and some of the arguments added in the body of the essay.

Some essential elements or guidelines have been listed to show how a good conclusion is written.
Focus on the thesis statement at all times, especially in a lengthy research paper. The essay conclusion should always conclude how that statement would address readers. The best way to end a conclusion would be to offer solutions to a problem highlighted in the thesis statement and prod readers to take some action. This works like magic and readers can identify with the conclusion.
Highlight the points used to elaborate on the main idea. For example, several ideas or arguments would have been thought of to support it. These should be noted down. Research would have been conducted to generate more content about the idea. The essay outline would have the notes that could then be rephrased in the conclusion. Again, a solution to a problem could be offered.
Stress on your personal viewpoint if the topic is generic. The essay topic could be “ban smoking in college.” The conclusion would then express your views on the topic. You could offer a solution to the problem. The solution should be fresh and imaginative. It has to be conclusive, and the majority of readers must agree with your point of view.
Highlight the importance of the thesis statement. At the cost of being repetitive, focus on highlighting how important the message conveyed through the statement is. It would allow readers to ponder over it. If the arguments placed in the body of the essay are convincing, readers would agree to your point of view.
Write the essay conclusion last. Spend considerable amount of time with the paragraph. It would be the last chance to convince readers. Essay writing is an art. While writing the conclusion, think about how readers would react to the essay. Find a balanced solution and then write in your own unique style.

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