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Essay Assignment – Write To Boost Your Confidence
Essay Assignment – Write To Boost Your Confidence
An essay assignment often draws an exclamation of boredom among many students, especially in college. They feel it is not quite necessary to practice the same things they learned in school. Some have really not mastered the art of writing and struggle through their assignments without realizing these essays could do so much to improve their knowledge about a topic and eventually boost their confidence. Those who consider this as a fun exercise and begin taking essay writing seriously early in school are most likely to be full of confidence about tackling any written assignment. Here are some basics to be mastered to be counted among the best.
Write The Outline: You would have been given an essay topic which contains the theses or essay question. Spend enough time analyzing the question and come up with points in support or in opposition. Look for key terms that appear in the question and start from there. Compile a list after you have studied it from different angles and then prepare an outline for the essay. This need not have a fixed structure but should contain your thoughts about the topic, which can be arranged further and elaborated upon.
Write the Introduction Including The Thesis Statement: This is one of the most important steps you must take to ensure your essay is read and appreciated by others. The thesis statement should convey most of what you want to convey to readers in a single sentence. It really isn’t as tough as it looks, if start thinking out of the box. Learn to answer the most important question readers may have in them minds when they think of the same topic, and make sure you highlight it in the thesis statement. The rest of the introduction would support this statement by providing information about what is to follow in the body of the essay.
Research Exhaustively For The Topic: Your school or college library would provide you important and relevant information about the topic. Make notes to support the points you noted down in the essay outline. If you are writing a research paper, you would need to get more information. The latest information would be available online at government or other educational sites. Look for recent updates for fresh information.
Write Your Essay: It is time to begin writing the essay or research paper. Do not be intimated by this task. You will find that writing is actually enjoyable once you have the elements in place and research is extensive. The information is fresh in your mind, and it is really easy to put it all into writing. Practice writing several essays in an easy-to-read unique style of your own using a standard essay format, and you would only get better in time.
Proof Read and Edit The Essay: Edit the essay to check for grammatical and sentence structure errors. You need to make sure the points and flow of essay supports the thesis statement at all times. Fresh ideas may come to mind at this stage. Add them and read through the essay again. This time make corrections with colored ink or use a word processor to highlight changes. This final step would ensure you would have completed a high-class essay assignment.

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