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Comparative Essay Structure – How To Arrive At It
Comparative Essay Structure – How To Arrive At It
A comparative essay structure is effectively formed when you can compare two things in an easy-to-understand manner. An assignment may be given to you where you have to compare different people, objects, situations, or viewpoints. It all depends on the topic given to you. There may be questions posed that you would have to answer by comparison. If you have a choice of topics or have to select and design your own topic, the formation of the structure becomes important. You may have to design a comparative essay format by rephrasing the question to suit your essay writing style.
The basis of the essay structure is the introduction with the thesis statement. The query posed in the thesis statement should be interesting and bold to attract readers. You should be able to explain how the following paragraphs would establish your viewpoint by comparison. This is possible by gathering relevant and sufficient data about the topic. The thesis statement could be summarized within a few paragraphs while attempting a short comparative essay. In a thesis, however, relevant content plays an important role and has to be connected cohesively throughout the essay. Here is where you can rephrase the question when you have the liberty to choose your own topic.
To achieve the objective of establishing specific ideas in a research paper, you may have to follow a symmetrical way of working at it. For example, the sequence of making comparisons could be in the order of geography/environmental, religion, arts, social, political, economic, demography, intellectual, technology. This comparative essay structure could be remembered easily if you memorize “GRASP IT.” You may not have that many options, but a similar pattern can be arrived at as per your requirement.
It is important to analyze the question carefully and get a complete understanding of both things being compared. For the structure to be understood, you must be able to clarify precisely what you are comparing between two elements and keep it relevant throughout the essay. This can be achieved when you have found all answers to the question posed in the thesis statement. These answers can be structured into paragraphs, each paragraph expanding on just one answer. The answers should be comparative in nature, and the most relevant ones should be attempted first. To get a better idea, you can buy essays over the internet at very nominal charges.
A comparative essay structure that works for you could be used for all essays you write. Depending on the restriction on the number of paragraphs or words, the points or answers could be regulated. For example, a short 500-word essay would require just two to three paragraphs in the body of the essay, each covering a point in detail. If all the points are important and need to be covered, use the numbered or bullet format to make comparisons in short sentences.
The title, thesis statement and the conclusion really catch the eye of readers. Spend enough time to ensure that they are compelling enough and interesting for a reader. The comparative essay structure could really stand out if you able to do so. Many readers would be able to appreciate your own unique style of writing.

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