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Comparative Essay Outline – The Ideal Way To Save Time
Comparative Essay Outline – The Ideal Way To Save Time
A comparative essay outline can be of great help when you have very little time to write an essay. You might find difficulty in comprehending how to approach a particular topic or may find that very little information is available in terms of research. You could always buy essays when you face such difficulties, but if you have to write an essay yourself, preparing an outline is the first step towards writing a great essay. There are standard elements that need to be included in most essays you would attempt.
The outline is quite simple to create. Every day we compare appliances or behavior to something we have experienced before. It seems quite logical for us to do so, and we base our decisions on the comparisons we make. In time, we realize that it benefits us to do so. It becomes second nature to us. An outline can be created highlighting such thoughts into the written word. Once we have chosen our comparative essay topics, it becomes easy to create an outline.
Essay writing becomes easy when you establish the right comparative essay format. It should have an introduction with the thesis statement, a body with a few paragraphs, and a conclusion. You will need to spend considerable amount of time in arriving at the right thesis statement, as interest in your essay would be generated if it catches the eye of readers. For example, global warming is an issue that is of concern to the world. If you were to suggest a solution and highlight it in the thesis statement, it would interest many readers. Sometimes, the topic might be new. A compelling thesis statement is the best way to highlight it.
When preparing a comparative essay outline, think of how readers would benefit from your essay. List out all the benefits and disadvantages involved and establish the right balance to prove your point. For example, if you are convinced that using a new branded soap would improve the skin, you would list out more benefits and highlight how they could overcome some of the disadvantages that come with using the soap. Research well in case you have to write a term paper on the topic.
An outline would contain a list of points you jotted down. You are now ready to compile your essay. Introduce these points in the introduction without elaborating on them. Decide on the number of paragraphs you would need, and then elaborate on each point separately in the body of the essay. For example, your topic could be “how to reduce weight.” Describe about the various daily exercises that would help reduce weight. These could be listed in the introduction and then elaborated upon later. A comparative essay enables you to continue writing about these points in the same order, which in turns helps in better understanding.
The process is completed when you have read through the comparative essay outline to arrange all the elements in the correct order or sequence. With enough practice, it would be possible to follow a successful pattern. You can actually measure how well the essay has been written, if readers accept your viewpoint. This is indicated by the number of positive comments you get for your essay.

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