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Personal Essay Format Getting It Right
Personal Essay Format  Getting It Right
A good personal essay format incorporates writing skills around a catchy subject. It can be on any topic and is likely to be written by writers who are passionate about a particular topic. Therefore, it is one of the easiest and most interesting essays to compile around a topic of your choice. If you have personal thoughts and opinions about anything, write an opinion essay or personal essay with passion. You can be sure there would be many readers wanting to read your essay. Assessors would evaluate your capabilities and general outlook towards life just by reading your essay. The format becomes very important to present the essay in a manner that is appealing as well as informative.
When we speak to a friend we have no inhibitions about the subject. It is necessarily our opinion about anything topic that is picked up. Similarly, when writing personal essays, we have to express our opinion on personal essay topics. As we express ourselves through the essay, we expose our character to readers and assessors. Therefore, try and keep your emotions under control and present a balanced view about the topic. You would be probably judging or forming an opinion. More people would agree with you if you research well and present information backed by solid evidence, even if it is about yourself.
Once you have introduced the topic and made a personal statement in the first paragraph or introduction, aim to elaborate on it without deviating from the main topic. Refer to personal essay examples to get an idea of how to do it. For example, if you were to write a personal experience essay, you would introduce the event or experience as a personal statement in the first paragraph. The rest of the essay would deal with elaborating and provided support information to substantiate your claim or opinion.
Forming an opinion is not difficult, but substantiating it needs to be methodical. It is important that you research well. Ask questions to yourself about the topic. Note them down and then research to find relevant answers. Depending on the number of words to be included, try and cover the essay in four to five paragraphs beginning with the introduction, followed by two to three body passages, and then culminating with a conclusive statement reiterating your stand.
Form an outline based on the above guidelines. This format could apply to any essay. The topics might change. You might need to introduce additional points or change the way the essay is presented depending on the topic at hand. The format, however, remains the same, unless specified otherwise. This is the easiest way to go about it, and it is better not to try and reinvent the wheel. With sufficient practice you could try variations. You need to build up confidence to do so.
Priorities need to be set when writing. You need to decide how important your opinion is about a topic and then conduct research to support it. When writing about topics like what makes you happy, family ties and structure, long-term goals, friendship, general knowledge, favorites and dislikes, you would need to give it a lot of thought. Your character would be evident to assessors through your essay. A positive attitude would set you apart from the others. Be yourself and do not hesitate to expression about a topic you are passionate about.

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