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Using Process Essay Prompts Effectively
Using Process Essay Prompts Effectively
Process essay prompts are useful when you know how to use them effectively. Whenever you write a “How To” essay, you are actually writing a process essay. The most elementary but effective prompt in a process essay would be the thesis statement in the introduction. This statement would try to explain the process that you wish to describe. You could use essay prompts that help you to write easily and faster. Other prompts might help in presentation. Basically prompts help in saving time, enhance presentation, and offer a structure whereby you can get ideas to include in your essay. Here are some steps that show you how you could use prompts effectively.
Divide the whole essay into sections and sub sections. After each section, try and use section headings. For steps describing a part process, you could have sub headings to add clarity. It is important to define terms that are not common. Readers should not have to refer to any other source of information for clarity.
The steps should be simple and written clearly. It should be it proper order and possibly explained with pictures and diagrams.
The process essay topics you choose could be varied. It could be an extension of an experiment you recently completed in school; steps to catch trout, which you probably learned in summer camp and would like to use the same steps again; or a process you feel might help you remember how to prepare for a difficult subject. Write in simple steps which would be easy to understand at a later date.
Prepare a presentation for class. Don’t just write process essays. Write it in a way that could be explained to other students in class. When you follow this prompt, preparation is complete. You are focused and prepare the presentation expecting queries regarding certain process steps. If you have prepared well, all the questions would have been answered by you in a supplementary attached sheet for reference.
Research is an important step to gather relevant information. It is crucial that you cover a topic in detail. Gather all relevant information from different sources. While researching on a topic, get information on relevant sub topics too. This would be important for future assignments.
A PowerPoint presentation is the ideal tool for presentations. It offers access to ready templates within which you would enter content. It also helps you keep a tab on the number of pages needed to complete any essay.
A process essay format that allows steps to be bulleted or numbered should be followed. If you have several sub processes within your essay, a word processor would allow you to create a hierarchical format.
Follow the pattern used in most process essay samples. In your school or college library, you would find several standard samples that are rated “excellent” and have been kept there specifically for reference. You would get many different ideas for your essay. Use the same format, if you find it being used in all the samples.

These are some simple but effective process essay prompts that you could use to inform readers on any topic or process.

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