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What You Should Look For In A Definition Essay Sample
What You Should Look For In A Definition Essay Sample
A definition essay sample explains the meaning of a term or terms, both definite and abstract. Definite meanings are easy to talk about, as everyone would follow if you were to explain the meaning of a book or street. Abstract meanings are complex and have to be explained in context, including your personal point of view and other people s views. This can be done through examples. It is often found that a whole essay has to be written to explain complexities of abstract words like love, hate, memory, and intelligence. Let us go through a definition essay examples to add more clarity.

Tell your readers about the term being defined in the introduction. For example, a definition essay might want to define the meaning of love, which can have many meanings. Therefore, it has to be defined in context to people or events associated with it. Let us take the case of a mothers love for her child. During the foundation years of the child, she was found wanting in studies. The teacher detained the child regularly. The mother had absolutely no objection. When the child came back home after detention, she found that lunch was ready though an hour or two late. The mother had left a note which said, Lunch is on the table. It wasnt thanksgiving but there was turkey for lunch.

In this sample, we would need to explain the love that the mother had for her daughter. The girl was probably grumpy after a hard day at school. She was hungry and was in no mood for a verbal reprimand. The mother does not try to stop the punishment at school, because it was for her own good. She loves her daughter so much that she prepares a feast for her when she returns. She tries to correct her daughter with love. The definition of the word love here is in context to a mothers love for her child. You could choose a similar example from definition essay topics.

You should aim to choose a descriptive essay outline. When you do so, several examples and facts could be accommodated to explain your point of view. The definition would be clearer. For example, to define the word honor you could include stories of valor from history. The essay would describe the event in detail. Refer to a sample essay from the boy-scout movement. A young aspiring boy scout was asked to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen by his mother who went to care for an ailing neighbor. The boy was reprimanded by the mother who just spoke the words On my honor. From that day onwards, the boy resolved that he would act with honor.

This is a classic example to define the word honor. You could find several definition essay topics that would provide you scope to describe abstract words with clarity. Once you have the topic of your choice, choose the right definition essay sample that provides you examples to include in your essay. Writing would be fun, and you would have succeeded in defining complex words with ease.
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