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How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay
How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay
To learn how to write a compare and contrast essay requires a bit of practice. It can be easy for some and difficult for others depending on the topic chosen. If the subject is based on the curriculum, it is important that one has a sound background of theory covered in class. Those who would be attempting the exercise for the first time usually find it difficult to find the right topic. They need a bit of guidance before they start. Here are some guidelines you can follow if you get stuck with compare and contrast essays.
As usual, the essay should have an introduction which holds the thesis statement, followed by three to four paragraphs included in the descriptive portion of the essay, and finally a conclusion that reiterates all that has been said in the body of the essay. This method has been drilled into us all in school, and writing a compare and contrast essay is no different. The introduction starts with a compelling statement that would be the thesis statement. This statement should tell readers exactly what is in store for them if they continue reading. You must understand the importance of conveying the message completely and with conviction through it. If this is not achieved, readers would not hesitate to stop reading further.
The compare and contrast essay format decides how you would place arguments in the body of the essay. All these arguments should relate and connect to the thesis statement. Each argument has its importance in comparing and contrasting two elements in context to the thesis statement. Depending on the number of words to be included in the essay, each argument should be expanded in a paragraph. This would simplify the explanation and help readers understand its connection with the thesis statement. Compare and contrast essay topics should be selected as per your curriculum. If you have not written one before, make sure you get guidance from your tutors. This would ensure you do not get stuck at any stage.
An easy method to set up things in place is to compile a compare and contrast essay outline. It would highlight the difference between the two elements effectively. You need to practice a bit about how to place arguments strategically without forcing it on readers. They should find reading a pleasure. The continuity and flow of language should be such that your line of argument is accepted by all the readers. Keep the language simple and short. Try introducing an argument in the first sentence and then build on it in the paragraph.
The compare and contrast essay paragraph can be adjusted in terms of the number of words to be used in it. The outline would suggest the number. You need to keep the logic going throughout the paragraph while interlinking each paragraph with the thesis statement. Try and avoid deviating too much from the arguments. For example, if you have decided on using five to six arguments, then include each in a paragraph without introducing a sub topic for better understanding. With practice, you would be able to establish the logic in each paragraph with ease.

These simple guidelines should tell you how to write a compare and contrast essay.

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