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Compare And Contrast Essay Format Easy Ways To Arrive At It
Compare And Contrast Essay Format  Easy Ways To Arrive At It
A compare and contrast essay format has to be created with focus being on choosing between two people, objects or events. It is to be understood that all decisions made by us in our daily lives is based on our judgment of one in comparison to another. The choices we make often determine how much money we spend. It is an analysis of things based more on practical knowledge gained while experiencing the benefits of using an object. When successful, we continue using it and base our analysis on judgment. Besides this practical aspect, the essay format should also include the following.
Establish the format with an introduction that holds the thesis statement. This is standard with all essays. In compare and contrast essays it is absolutely necessary, as readers have to be drawn into reading the essay instantly. This is possible only if the introduction is compelling enough. For example, you could compare between two pesticides that have almost the same composition but show very different results on application. The introduction could highlight the end result however controversial and negative. It should bring to light the benefits of using one over the other. A sample compare and contrast essay could be used to note the viewpoints of another writer.
Choosing the right compare and contrast essay topics is important and could include a variety of subjects. The criterion to be observed is that the topic should be interesting and should be able to establish a connection with readers. For example, the topic could be to compare and contrast between the viewpoints held by two different professors on the same event. It could be social discrimination in society, language barriers and its solution, or approach to subjects they have not specialized in. Students could easily identify with these topics.
Once you have selected the topic of your choice, compile an compare and contrast essay outline with arguments that support the thesis statement. Make sure you have a balanced viewpoint throughout the essay. The logic should be consistent and connected to the thesis statement. As you read through the essay, proof read, and edit it, you will be able to establish the right logic. The outline should hold grammatically correct sentences, which would save you time and effort when finalizing the essay. The format should be standard as specified in the curriculum or as per guidelines issued by your teacher. Adapt a style that is easy to read and one which will impress a wide audience.
A compare and contrast essay paragraph, especially the introduction, would be helpful in identifying how the process is actually done. Note the similarities between two elements used in the essay and how essential differences are brought to light. Being able to identify the points of comparison is a skill you will have to master. Go through each paragraph and link arguments with the thesis statement. Follow up on how logic is applied throughout the essay. If you like it, adapt it to your own style of writing. As a student, you are allowed to make mistakes. Practicing and referring to samples would help you arrive at the optimum compare and contrast essay format.

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