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Start With Compare And Contrast Essays
Start With Compare And Contrast Essays
Compare and contrast essays can give you the start you need in writing good essays. It is the easiest form of writing when you know you have to compare with other essays that have already been written. You get a head start as you have enough information about the same topic in terms of viewpoint. You either agree with a certain argument or contradict it with your point of view. There are certain measures you have to take into account when writing such essays.

Be elaborate in your description of the thesis statement. When you take a stand to either support or contradict a statement, you have to be sure you have solid evidence backing it. It cannot be that you have a vague idea and another viewpoint on the topic and argue on it in your essay. There are several steps you can take when you write your essay.
Research on your topic irrespective of whether the information is available in compare and contrast essays you have chosen. This would ensure that the information you gathered is recent and up-to-date. You have to be able to comment on any issue with confidence. Sometimes, the topic might be a little different from what you had expected. Apply the same process to get the results you seek.
You can make a comparative chart to start off. You place all the arguments you could gather about your topic in different columns and place your argument last. Then jot down all statements that support or oppose a certain stand taken on a topic. Compare each point with your own statement and then place your argument based on solid research. This would ensure you have the requisite points to complete your essay logically. Arrange the arguments logically one after the other to ensure a fluid flow in your essay.
When you have justified each point to your thesis statement and taken a stand on it, you will have all the information required to write a good comparative essay. As you start with the introduction, your thesis statement should indicate this would be a comparative essay. You do not have to state other viewpoints here, but the tone of the essay would suggest it is one. Remember to use the points from your chart in sequence as you have tabled it.
Custom written essays have the tendency to be more critical as it would be a more personal view on the topic. It would be more of an analytical essay where you analyze other viewpoints against yours. Take a balanced view on any issue. Keep asking essay questions that would make your point of view relevant.
Research well and use the information you have to make the argument. Avoid taking a rigid stand as the motive of your essay would be to get readers to read, analyze and agree with your point of view. If you take too rigid a stand, you would be in a position where readers would not agree to your point of view and might find if difficult to agree totally.
Finally, when you opt for controversial essay topics, you have to be totally in control of your emotions. Take the trouble to read in detail before deciding on your viewpoint. When you do this, you would be in a very good position to write compare and contrast essays with confidence.

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