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A Reflective Essay To Consider
A Reflective Essay To Consider
A reflective essay is a very good way of remembering things. It surprises us when we find ourselves recalling events that took place exactly as it happened several days or even months ago. This vivid explanation comes from experiencing the event to the extent that a pictorial view is registered in our minds, and we are able to link one incident after another. There are many instances where reflection is the best way of reproducing the event. The method of recording it could be in the form of an essay.

Such essays are written by people who had been on an excursion and wish to record their experiences. It could be a science student writing an essay on an experiment that was completed as part of an assignment. It could even be a mountaineer describing like in a description essay what he or she found on the Alps. One has to reflect upon the event and what transpired at it. The event could unfold emotions and sentiments expressed purely based on a personal point of view.

The build up to the essay is similar to what you would prepare for any other essay. It would have an introduction which would contain the statement clearly indicating what the essay intends to focus and elaborate upon. The body of the essay would unfold events that lead to the event and then explain details about the incident itself. This part has to be detailed in a way that readers would be able to picture and experience the event themselves. The conclusion of a reflective essay would summarize what the writer experienced from the event and the effects it has had after the event.

A good essay could be opinion on a particular event like in an opinion essay. The difference would be that opinion of an incident would be one part of the essay. The actual description would be a major part of essay. Opinions would be part of the writer’s personal viewpoint. It would be an informative essay that also has a personal viewpoint or a writer’s first-hand information about the event. An example would be a winter vacation to the Alps. This topic offers scope to describe, reflect upon and even form an opinion on the event or place after having completed the vacation.

Writing is an art which one could master after practicing on any topic of interest. The easiest way would be to write about an event that one has personally experienced and wishes to record. You would be surprised how after a few initial hiccups, you could write a narrative essay explaining exactly what happened. The flow of writing such an essay comes easily, and you would wish you had started earlier. It would be as vivid as a photo essay. The event and sequence of events would be remembered and can be put down in the correct order.

Summarizing an event after you have written a reflective essay is very easy as you would have written the essay in most cases experiencing the event yourself. Just remember to verify facts relating to an event that includes systems, and you would have no problems writing many such essays as required.

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