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How To Write An Opinion Essay
How To Write An Opinion Essay
You know how to write an opinion essay if you know how to write an argumentative essay. You justify your opinion on a particular topic with well-researched support data in both types of essays.
The thesis statement has to be chosen with care as this could amount to increasing or decreasing the length of the essay, which in turn would mean spending more time on your topic. When you finish writing, you need to have enough time for proof reading, revising, and fine tuning.
Generally, an introduction with your thesis statement is introduced and your opinion placed giving food for thought to the reader. At this stage, you do not attempt to justify your statement but just place an opinion. The next few paragraphs justify the opinion with the help of quotes from standard information sources. The maximum amount of time is taken up to present information that is convincing and factual. Include reference material which could form part of your bibliography in a structured and established manner. Follow the norms laid down by the institution.
Topics are not hard to come by. Custom written essays could include hobbies, incidents, or events that have taken place. The thumb rule is to choose a topic you are familiar with. It is your opinion that matters. Choosing a controversial topic helps as opinion is distributed. Writing and research skills would be tested, so it is important to choose your topic with care.
Like in a personal experience essay, your own point of view is expressed in an opinion essay. The goal is to convince the reader to agree to your position on the subject. Think and act accordingly. It should be like a description essay, well balanced, and written with flair and confidence. The idea of choosing a controversial subject is to make it interesting. Combine this with a firm opinion.
Avoid vague topics. A well-accepted paper is not ambiguous in any way. The topic is chosen such that contradictions can be removed with the help of information and quotes gathered with care. There should be ample space for debate. In this case, the onus is on you to supply the facts that leave no room for argument. How to write an opinion essay structure therefore is an art that requires practice.
An easy way of finding the appropriate topic is to check if it answers a question beginning with “Should.” The response would be a “yes” or “no.” Though requiring some experience, this approach could be practiced with a peer group. Summarize your findings and then use it to select the best topic.
The length of the essay would determine how much time is required to write. Research is an area which does not afford any compromise. Convincing your audience with information that is subjective but vague would go against the very purpose of presenting your view. Be precise, to the point, and avoid lengthy essays which have a tendency to lose structure.

If you can follow these simple guidelines, you would know how to write an opinion essay which would invariably get a high rating in an opinion poll.

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