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Files You Upload
Dear Customers,

The system of uploading files to your personal order page has recently been updated. You are now offered to choose the most convenient option for uploading your instructions while filling in the order form. In case you need to send the required materials to the writer, please make sure to read the following rules:
Upload all your materials within 2 hours after you have paid for the order, or inform administrator if you are unable to meet this deadline.Your writer should have all required information by the time s/he is assigned to your project. Adding materials after your writer had already started to work on your paper might be considered as changing of initial instructions which may require an extra payment.
Make sure that the files do not contain any personal information which you are not willing to share with the writer such as your email/home address, name, phone number, etc. Therefore it is your direct responsibility to remove any personal information from files you upload for your writer.
Make sure that the files do not contradict with your paper details and paper instructions. For example, if you paid for 3 pages, writer will complete exactly 3 pages according to our format requirements (275 words/page), even if in your file or other instruction requirements are “not less than 1000 words”.
Check all your files after uploading them to your personal order page. Try to download each file yourself, to make sure it is complete and opens correctly. It is also required to check faxed materials, after they have been uploaded by one of our operator. Make sure fax is complete and readable.
Upload all of the files at once using the multiple upload function marked with a “+” sign. The opportunity to browse additional files will be closed as soon as you finish a separate upload.

We hope that this new option will make the process of uploading your instructions more convenient.

Feel free to contact us any time in case you have questions. We work 24/7 and will be glad to assist you!

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