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Good Essay Writing Skills
Good Essay Writing Skills
Good essay writers and paper writers are not born writers rather they are nurtured. Writing is a skill, and like any other, it is learnt with time. It calls for self-motivation and focus.

The beginning of good essay writing
The beginning of good essay writing is not an endeavor of one day; it sprouts from long hours of toils and labour. Good writing is a combination of both ‘self’ and ‘other’. What do I mean? By “self” I mean personal effort which may be achieved through reading and practice. By ‘Other’ I mean an exhortation from those around us or a call of need from situation where one is forced to start writing (may it be for monetary gains or professional development or exposure). Good writing may also come about as a result of environment one grew in, an environment that encouraged reading and writing. Parents and first teachers in this case have a great role to play. Conclusively it can be said that good writing is a combination of ‘self’ and ‘other’ but the former takes precedence.

Elements of good essay writing

Elements of good writing include:
1. Originality: Good writing consists of internalization and bringing out the best that can be! It is not a duplication of other people’s ideas; it goes beyond.
2. Self-discipline: the writer should be focused and disciplined, ready to make self-sacrifice
3. In-depth reading. Good writing is all about consulting various sources to have a good backing.
4. Openness to learning: one should be open to learning, should have openness of mind to receive ideas from others.
5. Relaxed mind: one should be relaxed to allow the flowing of ideas.
6. Variation of tone in writing: the writer should be able to vary the language structure, be simple, concise and clear

Conclusively, good essay writing is a skill that continues to be sharpened with years of experience; it is a process that requires patience, persistence and pursuance.

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