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Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay
Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay
Their Eyes Were Watching God is a 1937 novel by Zora Hurston. It is one of the most compelling novels of the early 20th century. This stature leads to its inclusion in Time’s 100 best novels from 1923 to 2005. Many schools include the novel in their literature or English curriculums. That is why if your school is among these group, then you will probably write a Their Eyes Were Watching God essay.

How can we write this essay about the novel? Let us take a look at the possible ways for you to compose an essay about a novel. What we will suggest is for you to write a plot summary. The plot of the novel will represent the overall flow of events and the solution to the issues in the events. You can write about the novel’s plot by summarizing what you have read. Here is a very short plot description for the Their Eyes Were Watching God novel: Janie is tells a story of here life to her friend so the community will know about her. The story starts with Nanny, Janie’s grandmother who got pregnant by her master since she was a slave. This pregnancy lead to Janie’s mother, Leafy who was raped by her teacher which resulted to Janie being born. The whole context of the plot revolves around Janie’s life together with the decisions made by her grandmother, Nanny.

You can also write a character analysis essay for your project. For example, you can write about the personality of Janie and what contributions she has made to the presentation of the story in the novel. Then you can also discuss the minor characters like Nanny, Leafy and Tea Cake. Try to analyze whom these characters represent in our present society. It may also be possible that you reflect on them by considering your personal experiences if there are any similarities with the story.

Their Eyes Were Watching God essay can also have a discussion mode in the form of critical analysis. You may present your feelings and opinions about the novel. Talk about how you felt and how you absorbed the details of the story while reading it. You can also relate the events to our present society and then identify the possible resolutions for the problems. This way, you can expand the worth of the novel and let your readers become aware of its importance.

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