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Wuthering Heights Essay
Wuthering Heights Essay
The novel Wuthering Heights was first published in the year 1847. Emily Bronte wrote this Gothic novel, which depicts a name coming from the Yorkshire manor. What is Wuthering? It is a term referring to bad or turbulent weathers. Overall, the novel is about the passionate love relationships between Heathcliff and Earnshaw, which resulted to the problems and destruction among them and the people that circles their lives. Most probably, you will be writing a Wuthering Heights essay if your teacher has required you to read this novel. You should not be too concerned because this article will help you structure your writing ideas.

Let us start with the plot analysis. Most of the time, students will utilize the plot of a novel to write their essays. This is a good idea because it is much simpler to analyze compared to other aspects of the story. The plot is the overall condition of the story flow that approaches a certain climax to resolve an issue. You can do a plot summary or analyses by summarizing what the story is all about and then look for the highlights of the story line. Afterward, try to evaluate whether the issues and problems were solved at a certain peak event.

You may also do character analysis in writing a Wuthering heights essay. The major characters are Heathcliff, Catherine Earnshaw, Edgar Linton, Nelly Dean and Isabella Linton. You can do person analysis by writing each character’s attitude, personality and contribution to the story. At some point, you may also relate the characters to the people whom we all know or whom there is a representation n our society. Just make sure that you point out the highlight personalities of each character so your readers will understand why you can relate them to other personas.

Since Wuthering Heights was so successful in getting the nods of critics, it has inspired many adaptations form opera, plays, movies and musicals. You can write about this great achievement and analyze what makes the novel so attractive. Try to write on the properties of the story that makes it very appealing to a large number of the population. Take into account the structure, the content, the themes and the overall presentation of the story.

One more possible take on writing a Wuthering Heights essay is by providing your opinion. Yes, you can write an opinion essay that will discuss whether you like the novel or not. At one point, you may also talk about the flaws of the plot, the greatness of the characters or the overall appeal of the novel to your senses. No matter what you say, it will all be valid because it is your opinion anyway.

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