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How much time do you invest in writing your essay? Probably you will say that 90% of the time you are on the paper writing the words of your discussions. This is a practical way to write a quality essay. But sometimes, the remaining 10% of the task is also a crucial part to compose a very good article. Why? Because probably this part will be your chance to proofread your work. As an essay editor, you must ensure that your paper does not have spelling and grammar errors. That is why even if you have a well-written paper discussion, you cannot deny the fact that proofreading can make or break your paper.

How can we become an effective essay editor of our papers? There are very simple things to realize when editing a paper. In this case, you have to be very vigilant in finding errors in your work because it will be your passport to getting high grades. A well-proofread paper will become an excellent article together with a very good discussion of topic. Let us take a look at the four basic ways to proofreading an article.

An essay editor should know how to identify spelling errors. Spell checking is probably the simplest way to proofread an essay. You simply need to re-read your article and scan for words that are not spelled correctly. However, be careful because there are times when you have the right spelling, but the wrong word in the sentence. For example, you may type the word “from” instead the word “form”. They both have correct spelling but have different meanings. If you want to simplify your life, use the built in checker of MS Word.

The second phase of essay proofreading is about grammar. As you read your paper for spelling errors, try to evaluate the sentence structures in the paragraphs. A grammar mistake can happen if the sentences do not follow the correct arrangement of thoughts and subject and verb agreement. This may be a little more challenging than spell checking but it is important. A grammatically incorrect sentence alters the true meaning of the statement. The MS Word also has a built in grammar checker but you should not rely on it purely.

The third phase of proofreading is coherence checking. As an essay editor, you have to make sure that your entire essay provides logical discussion scopes. A coherent paper means you have a good flow of discussion that will arrive at a certain thought. If you have a coherent paper, then your will be able to deliver what you want to convey to the readers.

Lastly, an essay editor knows how to check for data accuracy. If you will include factual or numerical data in the essay, you have to ensure its credibility. Checking against your source more than once will help you eliminate any inaccuracies in the essay. Always remember to allocate time to edit the data in your article.

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