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Things Fall Apart Essay
Things Fall Apart Essay
The novel Things Fall Apart is an English book published in the late 1950ís. It is a book written by Chinua Achebe and is widely used as a schoolbook throughout English speaking countries. Although Achebe is a Nigerian, his book placed a huge impact to different sectors of the society, which made it one of the most important novels in the 20th century. If your teacher requires you to write a Things Fall Apart essay, then let us give you some ideas how to write it. We waill list down the possible scopes of interest that you can write in an essay that will pertain to the novel.

You can write a Things Fall Apart essay by analyzing the characters of the novel. The central personal is Okonkwo. You can create an article that will include character analysis on how these people affects the overall story line. It may be possible to relate the characters to other familiar persona in our society today.

You can also write an essay that will introduce the summary plot. All novels have a certain plot that should be resolved as the story progresses. Talk about how this plot is available only to The Things Fall Apart essay. Then you can analyze how the major problem in the plot was resolved.

Culture is another stable discussion when it comes to writing a Things Fall Apart essay. Since the setting happens in an African village, you can discuss how the culture of the characters differ from you came from. Then write about the similarities and contradictory characteristics of the culture between the village and other cultures around the world.

How about writing about the theme of the novel? The most evident themes in the Things Fall Apart novel are loneliness, abandonment, change in oneself, social changes, relationships in society and fear. You may discus particular parts of the novel and then highlight where one can see these themes.

Social manifestation of language importance can also be a scope of the essay. You can see that instead of writing in African language, the writer successfully wrote in the English language to gain wider acceptance in the international community. This will be a barrier breaker since British colonies are often perceived uncivilized. You may write an analysis about this concept as to why the author chose to write in English.

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