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Interview With Marguerite Arotin, A Romance Writer In Ohio
Py: How did you get your pen name as Maruerite Arotin? Marguerite: My real name is Dana but when I decided to write romance, I always knew Dana would be too unisex for the romance market. So I thought about my nickname. My grandma used to call me Daisy and my hubby eventually picked it up too. Marguerite is french for Daisy and I'm part French so I loved that ;-). Arotin was my late mother-in-law's maiden name so I took the name in honor of her and plus it flowed nicely with Marguerite. I will be marketing all books under my pen name of Marguerite Arotin. Py: When did you start reading romance novels? Marguerite: It was just after I met my hubby that I picked up my very first romance novel. I think meeting someone so perfect for me taught me that true love does exist and that maybe those romance novels I always thought were so sappy could come true. But then I met Phil and the attraction hit me like a ton of bricks. I can't imagine any other guy who can fulfill my needs as much as he can and I wouldn't want to satisfy any other man but him. Since I was a bit of a history nut, I picked up a historical by Linda Lael Miller and then got addicted to the genre. Believe it or not, prior to meeting my husband, Phillip, I was a bit of a young cynic when it came to romance and relationships. I met Phil when I was nineteen years old and prior to that, well I seemed to end up with a lot of jerks. At least I had a sense of humor of my unfortunate social life: I kept telling everyone I might as well adopt a bunch of cats and become the world's youngest spinster. Py: What inspired you to write your romance story, The Locktender's Daughter? Marguerite: It wasn't until the unthinkable happened, when my hubby lost his job and I just had a baby, that I even considered writing my own my romance novel. I've always loved local Ohio history. I would walk the old towpath trail wondering what life was like back when the mules pulled the boats through the murky canal water. I happened to find some notes for a story I wanted to write, a historical romance set along the Ohio & Erie canal, and decided I would write it. By the time my hubby found another job, I was too caught up in the story to stop writing. As I learned more about my craft, I realized how crappy the first MS I completed was and decided it wasn't worth revising. But that first story led to a sequel, called The Locktender's Daughter, and I loved that tale :-). I knew I didn't have enough experience yet to try a large print publishing house or even go for an agent, but I submitted my tale to a few e-book/POD presses and TheLocktender's Daughter found a home with Wings. Py: Any tips for romance writers? Marguerite: I've learned that everyone has their own writing techniques and they have to use what works best for them. Some people just allow the story to roam freely and other's tend to go all out and do full outlines. I do a mixture of both. I want to add here is how important it is never to give up on your dream. It took me a good two years of submitting The Locktender's Daughter before I found a home for it. I knew I had a great story, I knew it my heart. I loved Bethany and Tyler too much to give up them. Writing is one of the toughest jobs out there and those rejection letters can hurt. But you have to put it aside and remember that people behind those rejection letters, agents, editors, etc, are not rejecting you and if you love your story and characters enough, you have to keep trying no matter what. I did and I found a great home for Bethany and Tyler :-). Py: Your Contact Information and your giveaways to readers?: Marguerite: My first historical romance novel will be published with Wings Press ( http://www.wings-press.com/) in May of next year. My site at http://www.ohioromance.net As far as giveaways, I have the first three unedited chapters of The Locktender's Daughter posted at my website @ http://www.ohioromance.net/excerpts.htm I've really got to update my page because it says that TLD is still in the hands of the editors at Wings and it's already been contracted. Guess when you spend too much time writing, you forget about simple things like remembering to update your site. I'll get it updated before Sunday. I do post free excerpts in my myspace blog from time to time and have been posting a lot lately from my teenage sorceress for my NANOWRIMO YA project. Also I will be running a contest around May in conjuction with the release of my story, I have no idea of what I'm going to do yet but it will probably have something to do with canal history :-).