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The Challenge of a 1500 Word Essay
The Challenge of a 1500 Word Essay
What if you are going to write a 1500 word essay? What will you write about? Actually there is an advantage and disadvantage in writing a seemingly long 1500 word essay. For some it may be the opportunity to talk about the stories that they want to talk about. For others it can be frustrating if the writer is not that keen in telling stories. But no matter what your opinion is, writing this kind of an essay is truly a challenge.

To help you in writing your essay, let us take a look at some possible purposes of writing. If you want to tell a story, then a 1500 word long essay can be a good idea. You can talk about your experiences or observations in vivid detail. This is like writing a creative essay only that you can simply tell a story. Of course if we talk about descriptions and details, the descriptive essay may not be far behind.

On the other hand if you know how to write an essay but still fret on 1500 words, then it is a major problem. Apparently most of us can write a decent essay in about 500 words maximum. Anything more than that can be frustrating and depressing. So what can I do if Iím not the type who talks about things? Well you need to create an outline first. This way, you can plan ahead what you will include in the long segments of your article. Make sure to include relevant information to your topic. The longer your essay is, the greater is the possibility of writing loose ideas in it.

A 1500 word essay may be too overwhelming. That is why you need to consider looking for essay help. We can provide you a writing service today. Simply contact our support group.

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