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Essay Development guide for you

There are many essay development techniques which you can use to develop your essay. However, the key lies in using the best technique. A good essays development guide always proves beneficial as it helps you to say something valuable to the reader through your essay. Even if you are writing essays in other languages such as Urdu essays, you won’t be able to write it properly unless you master the process of developing the essay.
Here are some essays development tips for you

1) Understand the assignment: While responding to a particular assignment you first need to read and comprehend the assignment carefully. This process is known as conception in which you prepare your mind to write. This is the time where you estimate the profile of your readers and the purpose for which you are writing the essay.

2) Develop an idea: Essay development is impossible without an idea because it is the idea which you ultimately put on the paper in the form of an essay. For instance, when writing an essay about myself, you should have an idea about the points you are going to include about yourself in the essay.

3) Brainstorm: Once you have the topic and the idea in your mind, it is now time to put the ideas present in your subconscious mind into consciousness. This is known as brainstorming in which you identify as many as ideas about the topic. While brainstorming you also need to review the ideas that you have thought in your mind.

4)Start Writing: Once you are clear about the ideas, write them down on a piece of paper. However, there is also a proper way of writing the essay. You need to divide your essay into three parts such as the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.
Writing introductory paragraph: This is where you introduce your topic. While writing introduction, start with an attention catching sentence and then move on to the thesis and close the paragraph with the thesis statement.

Writing body paragraphs: These paragraphs in the essay should contain no more than 7-8 sentences per paragraph. Every paragraph should start with a topic sentence relating to the thesis followed by some concrete points about the topic and should end with a brief summary.

Writing the conclusion: In the conclusion, you should sum up the entire paper. You need to be careful while writing the conclusion because it is the last chance to convince the evaluator about your opinion or thesis. The best way to give a conclusion is to restate the thesis in new words and form.

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