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High School Essay Prompt
High School Essay Prompt
The requirements in high school education can vary from written to oral activities. If you are going to write an essay , then you need some high school essay prompts to guide you in composing an article.

Usually, a research essay is the most common type of written files imposed to students in high school. But what are the main high school essays prompts that you should be aware of? Let us start in the aspect of formatting. Basically, you have only three parts in any types of research based essays; the Introduction, Body and the Conclusion. Now, how do we define these parts?

In any types of essays, from synthesis essay , student essay to scholarship essays , there is a need to first define the starting point of the discussion. This is the key role of the Introduction. You will also need to input your thesis statement in such part.

Next, the body paragraphs may consist of more than two parts. It does not really matter how many of them as long as you can input all what you need to say about the topic. You can even enumerate, compare and contrast or argue in your body segment.

Lastly, the high school essay prompt that we would like to share with you is in terms of writing the conclusion. You need to resolve the problem/s stated before in your thesis statement/s. The conclusion is the ending part of the essay as well as the summarizing agent for all of your discussed details in the body. If you need a sample essay , you can read through the remaining posts in this site.

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