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Great Essays For Good Scores
Great Essays For Good Scores
Great Essay- How To Write One

Writing a great essay for your term paper or research paper is very important, if you wish to score well in your examinations. So let us discuss right from the beginning, as to what goes into a good essay writing.

First, start with by choosing a really good and interesting topic to write on. The topic should be fairly common and appealing to the reader and writer both.

If the teacher asks for a title page, make sure you make it captivating enough, as a title page is the first thing to catch one’s eyes. So the cover page of the essay should be well formatted and presented in a formal style.

Next, think of a good and attractive title. The writing should have a title that is eye catching, strong and relevant. Good writers know how to attract readers by giving a good title which will bring out the theme of the essay clearly.

After this do a through research work on the chosen theme. Read as much as possible on the subject and have a clear understanding on the main research question, around which the essay is to be developed.

Next, the quality of writing should be excellent and appealing so that the reader gets engrossed while reading it. While it is true that not all readers might not see eye to eye with the writer’s viewpoint and some will not like the essay at all, however the writing quality should be such that majority of the readers will like it, even if they do not agree with the writer’s opinion.

Start with an outline first. After this, begin writing the main essay. Let your writing be strong and well co ordinated. The language should be smooth flowing and easy to understand. The writer should know the topic very well otherwise lack of knowledge on the topic would show in the writing and it would put him in a bad perspective in the reader’s mind.

The first paragraph in the essay will be the introduction. It should always start with something interesting. The writer may begin his essay by giving an anecdote or he may pose a question to his readers. He may also begin by presenting certain interesting facts and information or he may choose to begin with a quotation. Whatever the way one chooses to start with, he must be careful to be specific and relevant to the theme. A beautiful quotation but having no relevance to the essay is absolutely meaningless and will only serve to make the reader feel disillusioned and will dissuade him from reading further.

The body that comes next must be written well and show every signs of being very well researched. A logical presentation of facts and data is essential for the reader to understand the topic well. All presented arguments must be backed by evidences from reliable sources. Language must be simple and smooth flowing and care must be taken to avoid all kinds of grammatical and spelling errors.

The concluding paragraph must summarize the entire essay and reiterate the thesis statement presented in the introduction. It must be remembered that new facts and data cannot be presented in the concluding paragraph. Only those information given in the main body is to be summarized here. A strong concluding statement at the end serves to convince the reader and also establishes the writer’s authority.

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