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Tips for Writing Short Essays
Tips for Writing Short Essays
Short Essays are Easy to Write

Short essays are generally term paper or class assignments that do not involve too much of exploration on the chosen theme. These are of the easy essay genre and consist of writing one or two pages only. one has to remember that even when writing short essays one will have to choose the topic well and understand the theme well. However short the essay is the writer will still be judged on his narrative style and writing skill, which includes no grammatical error, no spelling mistakes, careful selection of words, smooth flow of words and sentences all interlinked and not just laid out haphazardly and a strong well co-ordinated outline. Quality of writing should be good and impressive so that it can engage the reader. Even one such mistake would bring about a negative impact on the readerís mind and thus spoil the whole effect.The writing should have a title that is eye catching and strong. However it should be relevant to the writing too. Good writers know how to attract readers by giving a good title which will also speak about the theme of the essay.The outline of the essay should be strong and well co ordinated. The language should be smooth flowing and easy to understand. The writer should know the topic very well otherwise lack of knowledge on the topic would show in the writing and it would put him in a bad perspective in the readerís mind.

A short essay will follow the general format and have an introductory paragraph, a body and a conclusion. Since the whole essay will have to be written within one to two pages , it will have to be comprehensive yet well organised, with all the points in place. The content matter of the essay researched by the writer must be good and original. The essay format is the next most important thing to keep in mind, and the writer will have to follow the MLA/APA/ Harvard/ Chicago format as per instructions given by the teacher.

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