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Tips for writing an essay
Tips for writing an essay
Writing an Essay – Place your order for an A level Custom Essay Paper

Writing an essay requires the writer to express well so that the article he is writing appeals to his readers. For this he needs to follow certain steps. First he has to choose a good topic. The writer must remember to choose a writing topic he has knows well. Next step would be to explore the chosen topic well. It will be his first duty to imbibe as much as possible information on the topic by doing a through research work on it. As one learns more, his knowledge level increases too. Internet is one such place where information on almost everything is available. Besides, books and journals also help to gather information. So the second step would be to gather information. however, only gathering data does not help. so the third step would be to analyse the collected data and information and understand the topic very well. Logical analysis and synthesis of the topic are also important aspects good essay writing. The topic should be broken down in such a way that it explores all the issues relevant to the project. All arguments must be analysed critically and all causes and effects examined with minute detailing.

Once the analysis of the collected data is done the writer must set about writing the essay. Here the writer must express his thoughts in a coherent manner to the reader. The power of expression is another skill necessary to be a good writer. One must always write in simple, short and concise sentences and present only relevant information. The correct essay format should be followed with correct in-text citations and references. The paper should be edited and proof read properly so that it is absolutely free of any sort of grammatical or spelling errors.

A good essay should generally have the five paragraph format, one para for the introduction, three paragraphs for the body and one for the conclusion. Given below is the format to be followed while writing an essay.


John Hancock, one of the founding fathers of modern America, was easily one of the most prominent and popular men during and after the American freedom movement in the middle and later part of the 18th century. He was instrumental in pushing the American Revolution and giving it the start. Though not very well known today, he cut a very flamboyant and dominant figure in his times. John Hancock was born in Braintree (Massachusetts) on 23rd of January 1737 to Reverend John Hancock and Mary Thaxter. However being orphaned at a very young age he was adopted by his uncle Thomas Hancock and his wife Lydia, a childless couple. Thomas Hancock had a very ….


After completing his academic life (Boston Latin School and later Harvard University) he started working in his uncle’s firm. It was at this time that the Seven Years’ War started (1756-1763) which later fueled the war of American independence. John Hancock spent some time in England(1760-1761) while working for his uncle to develop business contacts and relationships and soon became a full time partner with the…..

During this period of political unrest and increasing tensions with the ruling British, Hancock came to the fore front as a prominent political leader in Boston. He was elected as one of the five Select Men from Boston in the year 1765 just before the Stamp Act was passed. This Stamp Act led to violent organized protests and riots but at first Hancock decided to take a moderate stand. He thought that the Americans as loyal subjects should pay the taxes, though…

As an elected member of the house of Massachusetts, Hancock boldly defied the British Empire on their tax act. As Eliot commented on Hancock that, “he blazed a Whig of the first magnitude”(as cited in Klos, 2000) while reading out his defiance act. The British retaliated by trying to seize Hancock’s sloop “Liberty” on the charges of misuse of trade laws…


As John Milton once said “They also serve, who only stand and wait” (Milton, “When I Consider How my Light is Spent”- Sonnet XIX, 2003), John Hancock did not have a glamorous role to play in the revolution; he was not the stuff legends are made of……

Before starting on your assignment go through various essay examples and sample essays so that you know what exactly to do. For further assistance ask any of the expert essay writers to help you write your paper.

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