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An Excellent Admission Essay to See you Through the Admission Process
An Excellent Admission Essay to See you Through the Admission Process
How to Write an admission essay

Writing an admission essay is often the most difficult part of the college admission process. It also an important part, for often it is this essay which becomes a deciding factor for your entry into the college. So whether you like writing essays or you donít like writing essays , whether you can actually write a good essay or the very thought of taking up a pen to write an essay gives you the jitters, all these become immaterial. To get admission into the college of your choice you will have to write an essay, that too an essay which will get you that coveted entrance ticket. Given below are tips to follow while writing an admission essay.

1. Since this is a chance to reach out to the people who will be responsible for your selection , grab this opportunity with both your hands and use it to your maximum benefit. Tell them what sort or person you are and write in such a manner that they would feel that your are speaking to them.

2. While writing this essay remember one thing, just be yourself. Donít describe something that is not in you or donít leave out something that is there in you and is worth mentioning. Be honest and speak from your heart.

3. Write your essay with a touch of humor. Since this a personal essay make it more appealing by putting in incidents that will lighten the mood and the reader will not feel that he is reading a sombre formal business note.

4. Write something new and different and do not make your admission essay a repetition of what you write in your academic record and co curricular activity section.

5. Think beyond what is the most obvious answer to the given question and write something that most students will not think of and write on.

6. Focus on only one important event or only one ideal person in your essay, too many topics would make the essay lose its focus and gravity.

7. Make the essay short and keep it to the point, make sure that all the given questions are answered. Do not turn your paper into a history essay by giving too many finer details. All essays must have a clear thesis and must be comprehensive.

8. Do not forget to proofread and edit your admission essay. This is very important if you wish to submit a paper that is 100% error free.

9. Be sure that your essay has a neat and professional appearance to it. This will make sure your reader will pick up your paper and read through it entirely and not discard it at the very first glance.

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