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An Essay Bank is also a type of Essay Help
An Essay Bank is also a type of Essay Help
Essay Bank- Browse through them to get Help

An essay bank is an online database of various different types of essays that are made available to the students as essay helps. These are a collection of pre written essays which help a student to know the basics of essay writing. A student who has been assigned a certain topic can enter an essay bank and search for academic essays on the same topic or related themes and browse through them to get an idea as to how to go about writing on that particular issue. Some essay banks allow students to browse their collection, free of charge. Others will allow a student to browse or download these essay examples after paying a certain amount of fees. Sometimes students are also allowed to submit their own essays where they get paid a certain percentage once that essay is sold.

An essay bank is different from an essay writing company though they both strive to make profit by selling essays. The former sells only pre written essays while the latter will prepare custom essays for the client. So a student if buying an essay from a bank he will get an essay that is already written, whereas when ordering from an essay writing company he can order as per his requirement and ask his assigned writer to write an essay that would suit his style and need.

An essay bank offers its customers a multiple range of essays written on various themes and topics. A student looking for a particular topic must give the correct keyword or related words to locate the type of article he is looking for. Since he will be given multiple choice it will take some time for the customer to browse through all of them and decide which one to zero on in and buy. An essay from such online databases can also be used by a student to form the outline of his essay. As for example a student who has been assigned to write a critical analysis can browse through various pre written critical analysis essays. After reading all of them he can choose the one he thinks is best suited to his style and need and make it the outline for his essay. Thus he gets an outline to base his essay on plus by browsing through so many examples he also gets a fair idea of how to write a critical essay. Good essay examples are extremely important as they not only help a student to write their own essays but also gives them a good idea of the various essay formatting patterns like MLA/APA/Chicago/Harvard that are essential for correct referencing. One should be careful while browsing through the online essays, as all the essays available there may not be of premium quality and one should choose accordingly.

It is entirely up to a student as to what sort of help he is looking for. He may wish to take assistance from an essay bank or he may wish to go and get help by placing direct orders to an essay writer via an essay writing service.

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