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People Who are Lucky
None of living humans will state that life nowadays is easy, no matter what your achievements are. People say they are under a strain, but they are the producers of it and there is nothing they can do about being dependent on it. We live a comfortable life using modern technologies to make it easier to cope with everyday routine, but when a problem comes up we quickly hide behind the wall of fear and misunderstanding not to get closer to the dangerous solution. In everybody?s life comes the point when it is impossible to stand the strain and you run for shelter of your couch and support of your friend that is always near to help you whenever you need him. You adore his demeanor, his appearance, his sense of humor and his deep knowledge of every subject you happened to touch upon. You know that you are jealous and you wish to be just a bit like your successful friend. And the reason of this is constant presence of luck in his life that irritates you with decrease of the last in your life. His kind words in your address do not help and make the situation even more severe. You finally realize that depression is somehow caused not only by problems surrounding you, but by jealousy you can?t get rid of. People try not to speak about the reason of them being depressed. But they lively discuss the evil jokes of destiny that gives all possibilities to one and takes them away from another. People that are can find a purse in the middle of the sidewalk, take the last train even being late, turn in written assignments and getting the highest grade, meet a person and never part, are considered extremely lucky. But what is ?luck?? ?Luck? is an abstract noun that means an unexpected result that is extremely positive and was achieved with no effort from the side of the object. Some can argue with this definition. Nobody can take away all the possibilities unless you let them go without fighting for them. You have an aim, but you need to take some actions to realize it. To reach success you have to be active, focused on positive, hardworking and striving for knowledge. Success comes with time, not with desire. If the first try was unsuccessful keep trying and finally you?ll get the desired result. ?Try, try, never say ?die?, says the saying that means that every try if it is hard enough will be duly rewarded. Start accomplishing what you?ve planned and everything will change for you from no on. There?ll be no possibility to stop and look back onto what was wrong and was it bad luck at all. If such thoughts still appear in your head, try to ignore them and focus on other important things. Now it is quite obvious that definition of luck given above is quite subjective. Now you don?t think that success of your friend is a matter of luck. He is self-motivated, active, creative and willing to move on and these are features that make a winner of him. One more quotes,? Looser blames his failure on bad luck; a winner blames his failure on his carelessness?. You know who you are now and you have a choice: to keep up if you are a winner and to change the attitude if you are a looser. Believe in second chance and people will consider you to be lucky.