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Format of a Critical Analysis – It is Not Easy to Write with an Unbiased Mind
Format of a Critical Analysis – It is Not Easy to Write with an Unbiased Mind
Format of a Critical Analysis – A Difficult Chapter in Essay Writing

Critical analysis is another part of the previously discussed analytical essay type. It not only analyses the chosen theme but also gives a critical review of it. A critical review not necessarily means a negative one. It can be a positive one entirely in agreement with the topic. A critical analysis requires the writer to be be completely free of any prejudice of any sort on the chosen theme. He will have to keep his mind unbiased and judge with an open and objective state of mind. A critical analysis is not only about reviewing the subject but going into depths of it and discussing it in a clear and unbiased manner so that the reader gets to know the theme better. A critical essay will start with a summary of the topic reviewed. A complete summary discussing the main theme, facts surrounding the central idea and what the material to be reviewed tries to say. For the body, an evaluation has to be made as to whether all facts and data presented are correct and logical or not. The facts supporting the main theme has to be checked and evaluated as to whether they are relevant or not. The writer can discuss what other critics have said about that particular topic earlier. Here the writer has to follow the set essay format and follow it religiously. Logical Citations and references are extremely important to support the writer’s views and they have to be given correctly so as to avoid charges of plagiarism.

An outline for the format of critical analysis is as follows:

Introduction – it will give a brief summary that will lead to the theme. Important and relevant definitions and terms can be defined and explained here. The thesis statement or the problem statement will have to be introduced here.

Body – this will present the details of the reviewed material and all facts and data presented in it to be analyzed and checked whether they are correct or not. The scope of the thesis or problem statement is to be explored here along with the writer’s viewpoint and opinion. The writer’s viewpoint will have to supported by strong and logical evidences complete with correct citations and references. Opposing opinions and ideas, if any, is to be presented here. The writer can present his solution for the problem statement here, if he wishes to.

The Conclusion will summarize the main important points without going into too much details. The thesis statement will be re instated and a strong and convincing concluding remark to be written.

A critical analysis should contain the writer’s own views and opinions on the subject. It should not just summarize the topic and give a review. It should analyze the topic very well by going deep in to the topic. For this it is imperative that one knows the format of critical analysis well. Thus writing a critical analysis is not an easy job. It doesn’t come easily to review something objectively with an unbiased mind. For research paper writing, term paper writing or any form of this type of essay writing you can check out our example essays to get a better idea. However if you need help with your paper then Essay-911.com is the place to go.

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