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Methodology Chapter An Important Chapter in Research Paper Writing
Methodology Chapter  An Important Chapter in Research Paper Writing
Methodology Chapter Know the Format Well

Research paper writing involves a difficult chapter of the academic essay writing part. It consists of a research paper cover page, research paper abstract, research paper introduction, the main body and a conclusion. Research paper methodology consists of an essential part of the main body. It chalks out the methods utilized while conducting the research and writing this section.

A methodology chapter generally comprises of four main parts. The first part needs to review the questions that the researcher is trying to find and the problems he might face while working on the chosen theme. It is basically a stock taking of the problems one might face while trying to work on the that particular topic. The second part will give an overall view of the method of conducting the thesis. It will give a general definition of the way of approaching or handling the research work to be conducted. Next, it will describe in detail as to how the required relevant facts, figures and data will be collected for the research work. Then, it will give the analysis of the data collected and what conclusion can be derived from the analysis will also be presented. This part of the research paper will not give so much details that whole reseach work is condensed into this methodology chapter. It will present data that will suffice the reader to understand the methods utilized to conduct the research work clearly and also to see whether that methodology used was correct or not. To assure the reader that the conclusion reached was correct and also to show the different variables that were used to reach to this conclusion, this methodology section is especially important.

Another important part in this chapter is that the writer should provide explanation or justify his position if he has decided not to follow the normal pattern of research work. If working on a certain topic comprising of a large group of people or any other subject he is working on,the writer will have to explain as to why he decided to choose and concentrate on one group only. As for example if one is conducting research work on breast cancer and wants to work on the age group of 35 years to 50 years only, then an explanation as to why the other age groups were excluded needs be given and the impact of excluding the other groups on the research work will have to be given. Also other factors, if any, that might influence the outcome should be stated in this chapter.

The methodology chapter is an integral part of the research paper and it is imperative that the writer knows the correct research methodology format. A browse through our sample essays will give a good idea as to how research papers are written following a correct essay format. Writing a research paper is a difficult work and it would definitely help to take some sort of outside help. We at Essay-911.com with our excellent panel of experienced and qualified writers, offer our help to you in writing any project, and see that you get an A grade in the assigned term paper writing or thesis paper writing.

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