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Confused about what essay to write? Choose the best from various types of essays!
Confused about what essay to write? Choose the best from various types of essays!
Pick out the essay that suits you the best

Writing an essay is not at all a difficult task. But it is quite common to get muddled about what to kind of essay to choose from the different types of essays. When you are asked to write an essay of your choice by your professor, you would think it is very easy because you can choose the kind of essay and the topic. But you are mistaken because there are so many kinds of essays and it would just confuse you more and more when you have to also choose the right topic. The reason for all this is due to the fact that you donít know the different kinds of essays properly. This is your chance to learn all of them and ace your paper.

Argumentative essay: This is a very important kind of essay amongst the different types of essays. In this essay you have to choose the topic such a way that you can argue for one side and try to prove that the point you have chosen to talk and argue about was right. An argumentative research paper is an extended version of this essay. Argumentative essay topic should be chosen with care as these essays can be very decisive and it would be wise not to make the essay personal.

Cause and effect essay: This is one of the types of essays that deal with the reason why a certain incident occurred i.e. the cause and what had happened after the incident because of the incident i.e. the effect.

Classification essay: This is a kind of essay where one picks a topic and classifies and categorizes the subject of discussion. It helps you to understand the concept of sorting a subject into different categories.

Compare and contrast essay: A compare and contrast essay is a type of essay that takes two things or objects or even two people and compares it and contrasts it. It brings out the diversity between the two things or people that are being compared. It could also be two or more ideologies. All that one has to keep in mind is that the essay should be interesting.

Critical essay: This is a very vital type of essay where you critically explain your views. It could be in the positive or the negative sense. It is a kind of essay where you describe your opinion and give your reviews.

Descriptive essay: In this essay you have to simply describe any event or procedure or any topic of your choice. It is the easiest type of essay that you could write about because you donít really have to research a lot for this essay.

Personal essay: This essay generally describes something personal. It is about you and it will be better if you could touch the heart of the reader with this essay.

Persuasive essay: This essay is to expose your talents in persuading others. All you are required to do in this essay is to show how you would persuade anyone to agree with you and come to the same conclusion that you did.

These are the most frequent types of essays that are in use. Choose the best type and get an A+ for that is exactly what you deserve.

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