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Gilded To A Teacherís Expectations Of Middle School And High School Students
Gilded To A Teacherís Expectations Of Middle School And High School Students
Research and essay topics and so the grooming process beginsÖ

Middle School is your first taste in writing different methods and learning new techniques. Students are encouraged to use guided writing prompts combined with fictitious and realism writing styles. Your teacher might ask you to write a narrative essay starting on a typical Sunday and ending at dawn on the river side or at the race track. You might explore more creative ideas, but this age is all about developing character and preparing you for whatís to come. Most often, the development process begins with description and a lot of self reflection. Visualization is a popular route curved to imagination where the student is expected to envision that he/she is a cloud, an ice cream cone or possibly a fly on the wall. At this age the child is exposed to many different writing approaches such as perception, description and persuasion. Popular middle school essay topics include:
- How you see yourself
- Who you are and where you are from?
- If you could convince your parents to get a pet explain what it would be?
- Describe the single most important thing to you.

Middle School students also receive an introduction to research. Teachers might ask of the student to write an instruction booklet or guide fit to present in front of their peers for the purpose of explaining a logical process. Another method teachers use to promote independent learning is to have them interview family or friends with jobs, to learn what they do and how it becomes important to the work process. Middle School research topics are a preparation for more complex topics later to come. Students might be asked to write short scripts or essay on everyday equipment like cell phones, compact hand held games or computer as well as other apparatuses to describe how they affect users and the world around them.

High School essay topics are anticipated to be more composite and relative to modern society. Students learn how to properly develop a sound thesis using quick pro-quo. Theyíve had their introductory lessons on how to express, detail and explain themselves so in retrospect an improved understanding of format and writing is projected. Now they learn the five paragraph essay format and to properly structuralize their sentences linking them in logical sequence as before only in depth. If assigned, High School research topics could include technological advances, medical advances, higher education or things significant in history. Students are expected to use proper grammar, vocabulary, writing structures, format, spelling and express a paper personality. The writing being practiced to a certain level of maturity floats the bridge from High School to College ensuring by the end of a studentís High School career the gap is sealed.

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