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Writing For The Mathematically Challenged 911 for a Math Essay
Writing For The Mathematically Challenged 911 for a Math Essay
Pro example of a math essay, whoever said that numbers and letters are two different things?

When writing a mathematical essay (much like fishing) you need a hook, line and sinker. Ponder on a math problem and don’t say you never heard one before “if I gave you a penny a day and doubled it everyday, how much would you have by the end of the month?” Got a case of the dumb dumbs? –Don’t feel bad at one point or another, everybody’s been there. Math essays are not that difficult. The fundamentals of this gender of essay are the same as the basic five paragraph essay, except the game changes. You want to produce a quick answer making the punch line descriptive to how that answer was obtained. The conclusion was a reflection of the solution not the answer. With a little thought, average Joe and simple Jane can do this math, but in the essay you want to give out the answer to this question fast enough, but not before you’re readers have thought about it…aim for about the second paragraph or so, that’s your hook.

Did I leave you guessing long enough? So about how much did you figure –ten, twenty, maybe fifty bucks? You might be thinking “its just 1 penny doubled a day for 30 days what’s the most that I could get?” Well friend, the answer is over ten million dollars! (You just released “the line” now debate it.) At this point you’re going to want to give away parts of the solution showing how the answer could be determined. So let me tell you that on the first day you’ll have of course one penny, but by the middle of the month you’ll have one hundred and sixty three dollars and eighty four cents. These figures are going to continue to double until the amount is ridiculously high. Your next paragraph can be composed of graphs, charts, diagrams, tables or other visual aids to assist the reader in understanding the root of the solution. For proper format, label all of your headings.
Number of Days
Number of Days
1 Day
15 Days
2 Days
16 Days
3 Days
17 Days
4 Days
18 Days
5 Days
19 Days
6 Days
20 Days
7 Days
21 Days
8 Days
22 Days
9 Days
23 Days
10 Days
24 Days
11 Days
25 Days
12 Days
26 Days
13 Days
27 Days
14 Days
28 Days

Notice that the above completes up to day 28, in every mathematical essay you want to leave room to show the math and save it for the end so that the first and last paragraph correspond.

We’ve reached the section of the essay where if you want to quote something that you read or heard, you can. Just remember to credit the source. My best friend said and I quote “that it would be impossible to reach thousands of dollars by doubling pennies, everyday for thirty days…” In fact, he made a point of explaining that it would be much better to receive 10, 000.00 dollars per day as opposed to “a worthless copper coin.” What if I told you that simple math tells us that 10, 000.00 dollars a day for 30 days equals 300,000.00? Combining the total of the original amount is known as compound-interest and in the words of Albert Einstein “It is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time.” Note, that’s one brilliant quote for an essay on mathematics.

Continue your conclusion keeping it consistent with your proposed fact at the beginning of this essay, when you told your reader that by the end of a thirty day stretch they would have made over ten million dollars. Alright boys and girls, its show and tell time, this is the part of the essay that you’ve been waiting for…the conclusion. Show the formula: On day 28 we had 1, 342,177.28 X 2 = 2, 684,354.56 on day 29 we have 2, 684,354.56 X 2 = 5, 368,709.12 and on the 30th day we have 5, 368,709.12 X 2 = 10,737,418.24 over ten million dollars! You can’t argue with Math, it doesn’t lie.

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