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Winning Essays
Many schools and institutions in the academic world conduct competitions for essay writing. Of course, you already know that your school has already participated in at least one of these contests. As a good student, you should learn how to write a quality essay especially if you intend to enter a certain contest for writing. Therefore, you should know the qualities of winning essays so that you can apply them to your writing tasks. We will talk about the different factors that will lead to the success of an essay in any competitions.

Winning essays have the most compelling topics of interest. Therefore, you should only use a subject that you think will entice readers to read the paper. Otherwise, no one will have the time or the motivation to take a look at what you have to say about a given topic. How do we choose a good topic? First, your topic must be important. This will give your essay a certain value. Next, it should be able to entice readers to participate in the discussions. Your topic must be appealing and interesting. Moreover, you should have personal familiarity with the topic that will fuel up your motivation to complete an essay.

You should also consider the structure of your article. Winning essays have a very good structure when it comes to format. The standard format of an essay includes the introduction paragraph, thesis statement, body paragraphs and the conclusion. You should always include the mentioned parts above to have a good quality essay. If you are not familiar with these parts, you can always see our samples in the database. They are useful in guiding you how to write each of these essay segments.

A good essay will win a contest if it has a coherent set of discussion. The discussion of a topic lies mainly on how the writer wants the readers to understand his subject. Therefore, coherence will come as an important commodity because it gives you the chance to discuss something in a logical manner. Coherence also concerns the overall appeal of the topic because you can smoothly talk about the subject without having too random thoughts within the essay.

Another thing that will surely give you winning essays is by knowing how to cite reference materials. Some topics will require you to include research data that will come from a certain source. Therefore, you must apply the APA, MLA or Harvard formats of citation. The most important aspects of referencing are in-text citation, pagination, formatting and bibliography page writing.

Lastly, winning essays do not have any errors in them. When we talk about errors these are spelling, grammar and data mistakes. If you will proofread your essay, then there will be a very slim chance that your article will have technical mistakes in it. The overall perfection of an essay also lies in your editing skills so make sure you do this before you submit your essay entry for a contest.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers