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College Application Essay Prompts
College Application Essay Prompts
Purpose of the college application essay prompts is to stimulate, provoke or trigger responses from applicants to a set of questions or a single question which the selection committee would like to have answers for. Some universities and colleges place a high importance on the admission essay while some do not place much importance to the essay. But writing a personal statement also called an admission essay or an application essay is a common part of the application process. Many universities and colleges give a number of essay prompts and an option to select an admission essay topic. These prompts are designed to give an opportunity to the students tell the admission committees about themselves, their tastes, academic strengths and weaknesses, past experiences, their ambitions including career aspirations, and reasons for applying to the particular school. Every year universities change their essay prompts. But students can find the previous years’ essay prompts sent from various colleges and get an idea of the type of questions that you may have to tackle in this year’s application process.
Collection of Previous Essay Prompts

You may not get any of these questions as your prompt, but going through various essay prompts can enhance your ideas of how to approach these essay topics. You will also note that all these prompts are designed such that you can tell the admission committee something about yourself that is not stated in the application form or the other documentation you provided with the application. Here are some college application essay prompts from previous years.

• Salt, governments, beliefs, and celebrity couples are a few examples of things that can be dissolved. You’ve just been granted the power to dissolve anything: physical, metaphorical, abstract, concrete… you name it. What do you dissolve, and what solvent do you use? – (University of Chicago)

• Recall an occasion when you took a risk that you now know was the right thing to do. (University of Pennsylvania)

• Engineers will face many challenges over the next twenty years. Which of these challenges seems the most compelling to you, and how do you plan to help meet it? (University of Virginia applicants to the School of Engineering)

• What is your favorite word, and why? (University of Virginia)

• Elvis is alive! Okay, maybe not, but we have been persuaded that recent Elvis sightings in highway rest areas, grocery stores and Laundromats are part of a wider conspiracy involving five of the following: the metric system, the Mall of America, the crash of the Hindenburg, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, lint, J.D. Salinger, and wax fruit. Construct your own theory of how and why five of these items are related. (University of Chicago)

• Explain how your experiences as a teenager significantly differ from those of your friends. Include comparisons. (University of Puget Sound)
How to Answer the College Application Essay Prompts?

When you write your personal statement or the admission essay, first of all keep the essay prompt in perspective at all times. Answer it directly but include your personal information as your views, your skills and capabilities, your objective in a subtle and indirect manner. It is also important that you take your college entrance essay very seriously. You must know that the admission officers have to read hundreds and may be thousands of admission essays. Therefore an essay written in interesting style, with interesting content will receive more attention than others. Finally, make sure to answer the college application essay prompts honestly.
Get Help to Write the Best College Application Essay

College admissions are very competitive and the college entrance essay is major ammunition in your application arsenal. So, you must put all your maximum possible effort, energy and resources to send the best essay. You have to get necessary help from knowledgeable people to ensure entrance. There are good writing services offering college essay writing help. Make sure to enlist the best help available.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers