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Making Use of High School Essay Prompts
Making Use of High School Essay Prompts
High School Essay Prompts Guide Your Thought Process in Essay Writing

Essays are a part of everyday school life for all high school students. The essays will range from literature to art, history or geography. Essay writing is one of the definite methods in which your tutor will evaluate you. Therefore it is a good opportunity for you to show your writing skills and knowledge to the tutor. For most students, the difficult part of the writing process is to come up with an appropriate topic for the essay. This is why most teachers provide the topic and essay prompt to guide the students’ thought process. High school essay prompts are provided basically to help you write better. They provide you the necessary information you might need to direct your thoughts in the correct direction. This will allow you to write papers similar to high quality custom essays written by professional writers. If close attention is paid to the prompt, you will have a clear understanding of what the assignment expects of your writing.

 Prompts to Jump Start You
Your essay can be written as an expository essay, descriptive essay, personal essay, argumentative essay etc. immatreial of the form of essay you need to write, the importance of essay topic to make it interesting reading material goes without saying. This is why the topic selection is facilitated by tutors by providing essay prompts to give your thought process a “jump-start”. Below are few essay prompts which you might find interesting to write your essay on:

1. Write an essay describing your favorite person. Give reasons as to why he/she is so.
2. Write an essay on why you think watching too much television is bad. Give reasons and evidence as to why you think this is harmful.
3. Write an essay on why you think animal testing should be banned. Persuade your reader with valid arguments and evidence.
4. Describe in an essay your favorite holiday destination. State why it is special and what you would do there.
5. Write an informative essay on the best part time job for high school students. Give reasons as to why you think so.
6. A new food outlet is opening in your neighborhood. Write an evaluation essay on the choice of dining out restaurants available for your community.
7. Write an argumentative essay on the topic: “too much homework is not good”. Give reasons.
8. Developed countries contribute more towards global warming than under developed countries. Write an opinion essay supported by evidence.

 Few Additional Tips
As you can note, when students receive essay prompts as above, they are gently nudged in the correct direction with subtle prompts. This is why it is helpful for majority of students who stumble with a healthy start in writing. By using some key words in each prompts, students can search online and refer to example essays as well. You can include note down the structure and content of these online essays in an essay outline so that you can develop your essay upon a strong skeleton. High school essay prompts will help you sharpen your writing skills during high school years. These prompts will help you understand what a good essay topic should sound like. Once you move on to college studies, the knowledge you gain in essay writing will be invaluable for your college assignment writing needs.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers