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A Thesis Committee: It Should Serve Your Needs
A Thesis Committee: It Should Serve Your Needs
Have you ever thought about the fact that a PhD thesis committee should serve the needs of a thesis writer? Or the only fact you can think about is that a thesis committee is a group of strict professors who are willing to make you fail the project. Certainly, it is a really stupid myth that you should not take seriously. What you need to know is that, on the contrary, a thesis committee should provide you with advice and professional assistance during your research.

So, have you already selected your thesis committee? Or are you getting ready to do it? Then, let us explain you several important things about thesis committees.

What a thesis committee is all about

In a few words, a thesis committee can be defined as a group of experts in your research field. It should be formed according to the requirements of your program. Thus, do not hesitate to get additional instructions on how to form your thesis committee. Usually, it consists of a Chair, three faculty members who are experts in your area of research, one outside member, and your advisor. Sometimes, an advisor cannot be the Chair of a thesis committee.

Responsibilities of a thesis committee

What specific responsibilities do thesis committees have? Actually, their major responsibility is to provide a student with professional advice and guidance that will help a student progress. A student and a thesis committee should meet time after time. Usually, there is a certain timetable for these meetings. During such meetings, the committee has to evaluate the progress made, strong and weak points of the project. The thesis committee should also estimate whether a student has an adequate timetable and will be able to meet the deadline.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers