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Rebuttal Essays: What Are your Counterarguments?
Rebuttal Essays: What Are your Counterarguments?
What do you know about rebuttal papers? Probably, you have heard that they are very similar to argumentative essays, and it is true to some extent. Yet, it is still a bit different type of writing, which is why you should know some general principles of writing rebuttal essays.

Actually, first of all you have to figure out what a rebuttal means. Maybe, after you get its definition, you will not even have to learn any other peculiarities of making good rebuttal papers. In a few words, a rebuttal can be defined as a counterargument. If you need a more detailed explanation, then a rebuttal is a statement that opposes or contradicts some other statement, usually the one that you find false or inaccurate.

In the academic setting, rebuttal essays are mostly assigned to respond to some articles, but you may face the necessity to write a rebuttal essay outside school as well. For instance, if an employer accuses you of being late constantly, you will write a rebuttal essay to refute this false statement and present your own arguments.

Here are some more specific rules for you to follow when writing rebuttal essays.

Rule 1

Always carefully study arguments that you want to refute. You have to know for sure what the opposing side is thinking about.

Rule 2

Start your rebuttal essay with a restatement of the position of the opposing side. Then, write a thesis, where you have to explain why their opinion is false and how you are going to prove that.

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