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TOEFL Essays: Preparation as a Secret of High Scores
TOEFL Essays: Preparation as a Secret of High Scores
Like with any other language test, the writing section of TOEFL is considered one of the most challenging. Probably, it is really so, because writing traditions are different in all languages.

Anyway, we are sure you will be striving for the highest scores on the test, and you definitely want to know the main secrets of writing perfect essays for TOEFL.

Actually, the main secret is not difficult to figure out. Preparation and hard work are the main keys to writing successful TOEFL test essays. Further in this article, we will explain how to get ready for writing TOEFL essays.

Before that, let us briefly explain you what specific written tasks you will face during the test.

Task 1
In the first part of the TOEFL writing section, students are supposed to write an integrated essay. This means that you will receive information from two different sources. You need to summarize and combine it, and then write the integrated TOEFL essay.

Task 2
The second task boils down to writing an independent essay. It simply means you need to express your ideas on a certain topic, describe your experiences, etc. By the way, essay topics for TOEFL are quite easy and familiar to you. Mostly, they refer to education, studies abroad, etc.

How to prepare for writing TOEFL essays

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