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Critical Essay Examples: How to Evaluate Them Critically
Critical Essay Examples: How to Evaluate Them Critically
Before we start talking about critical essay examples, let us say a few words about the critical essay itself. A critical essay is a piece of writing, where you introduce your opinion on a book, sometimes a movie.

Sure, it is a very short definition that, probably, does not tell you much about critical essay writing. This is exactly why you should start with an analysis of critical essay samples if you are inexperienced in making this kind of essays.

The thing is that you cannot just say “I like this book” or “It is the most boring thing I have ever read”. Your opinion should be backed up with evidences, and critical essay samples can explain how to do it correctly.

By the way, do not think that all critical essay examples you find are perfectly organized and written. First, you need to evaluate them and only after that use this or that critical essay example as a writing model.

Below, we have briefly described the main sections a good critical essay sample should consist of.

Critical essay examples: paragraph 1

The first paragraph of a critical essay sample should provide general info about a book: its title and author, a 2-3 sentence plot summary. In this first section, you should also find the writer’s overall opinion about the book.

Critical essay examples: paragraph 2

The second paragraph in the critical essay sample should be devoted to the strong points of the book. All assertions should be supported with evidences from the text: examples, quotes, etc.

Critical essay examples: paragraph 3This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers