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Personal statement
Personal statement
A logically structured personal statement with detailed description of one's experience and aspirations is a key to a successful job application. Here is a successful personal statement written by a professional paper writer.

My decision to become a pharmacist was made after very thorough consideration. This choice is very important to me as I learnt about pharmacy from real life experiences and can honestly say it is exactly what I want to do and become a great specialist at.

I graduated from University of Houston with BS in Biology major and Chemistry minor in 2006. After college I worked for a neurologist for 2 years. I started as the front desk assistant, but my work was good and soon I found myself being an office manager. To my opinion, what I realized and learnt there is much valuable and actually relies to my goal work. I started to learn new information about variety of classes of drugs and the way they work with different mechanisms and the importance of drug-drug interactions.

While learning about the way drugs influence neurological conditions of different patients, I also worked part-time in a community retail pharmacy as certified pharmacy technician. I have been working in retail pharmacy for over 3 years.

It was very important for me to see that people actually need this kind of service and the work I can provide. I have seen so many elders looking for relief from the medicine. What I realized is that a pharmacist has to provide important and correct information and sometimes even consult patients. This is why I am seeking to continue my education in pharmacy to provide my clients with the help we need.

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