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Self and hidden impact on it
Self and hidden impact on it
Among the factors that cause the personality disorder are parental and family relationships, reactions to key developmental events and transitions, significant loses or separations, including relocations, preliminary assessments of incidents of trauma and deprivation, peer relationships and important memories.

According to Kohut, the self is not a product of conflict and compromise but of empathic parenting. Blanck and Blanck state that the deficit model represents the structural problems involving the failure to establish a cohesive self due to the empathic failure of caregivers. The problem of parents' caring will be one of the three sections of personality disorder traits assessment table, reviewed below. Buie and Adler suggested some accomplishments to the model. This model describes the unsatisfactory mothering during the separation —individuation phase, having as a result failing internalization of holding-soothing representations. This failing creates a difficulty in self-soothing leaving the person vulnerable to painful and panicky feelings of loneliness and being abandoned.As a result, this person is not ready to deal with life tasks.

It is obvious that all behavior is goal oriented.We appear to have hidden goals which could be not so self-evident and painful for self-comprehension. Hidden goals often stem from feelings of inferiority and remain hidden because they excuse our lack of courage to persist where failure might be possible. A hidden goal isolates these contingencies. They keep us from experiencing life and enjoying the advantages occurring from more opportunities.

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