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Why And How To Write Articles
When it comes to SEO and a stream of long term traffic to your site there really is only one way to go. Articles are the best way to ensure that you have constant links to your site circling the web with a one time only input from yourself. And the best thing about article writing is that it doesn?t cost you a penny ? in any currency. Here?s how it works: -make a list of the things that you know enough about to be able to write a helpful and informative article on. -Brainstorm the points that the article needs to cover, -choose 3 or 4 main points and write a few sentences around them that can qualify them as ?valuable content? -put all that together into an article of around no more than 800 words (you don?t want to bore people away) 500-600 is best practice. -close your notebook and leave it for a couple of days. Why? Do you remember when you were in school and the teacher always used to tell you to ?make sure you read over your work.? Well they were right. If you submit your article straight away you will inevitably come back to it later and think to yourself that this sentence doesn?t make sense or that you could have worded that better. If you give yourself some time away from it and then come back with ?fresh eyes? you will be in a much better position to objectively critique your work. Once you are happy with your article copy you will need to submit it to article and ezine directories so that editors and site owners can pick it up and use it as content in their own sites. There are two ways to do this. a) You can manually submit your article to your preferred sites which means that you will have total control over who your article goes to or b) You can use automatic article submission. Submitting your article automatically will save you hours once you get going as you will only need to submit your article once and the website or software that you use will then take over to add it to thousands of lists. The choice is yours but it?s pretty much a no brainer? Make sure that you close each article with some information about yourself which lets people know that they are free to use your article and also tells them a little about you including a link or two to your own site(s). This is known as a signature box. Along with providing good quality content a signature box is the whole reason for you writing the article as it will let people know that you are a leader in your field and where they can find out more about you and your business. Once your articles start to circulate you will find that the number of visitors to your site will grow and so, therefore, will the revenue you make. Articles are a great way to position yourself as a leader in your field, so be sure to write about what you know about. Don?t try to make things up as people will be able to tell and you will not be taken seriously. The more articles you publish, the more links you will have to your site and the better your search engine ranking will be and your bank balance. Happy Writing Denise Hamilton