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Your Book Arrives From Your New York Publisher!
A large box arrives from a New York Publisher. It?s here?YOUR BOOK! You hurriedly rip it open and take the first book out. There it is?YOUR NAME as the author of your first book. You forget to breathe and your heart skips a beat in excitement. You caress the spine and read the title and your very own name again. The cover looks great. You read the back cover and study it carefully. Even though you saw the proofs, it?s like you?ve never seen it before. Your excitement builds. There is nothing like the thrill of holding a book you authored in your hands?except the exhilaration of growing rich because of the business you build around it! You hold the book and feel its heft in your hands. All your hard work ? researching the needs of your intended audience ? reading about other books in your topic ? looking for the needs that only you can fill ? writing your book ? creating ?buzz? in your book before it ever made it into print ? has paid off. You hold the book to your nose and smell it. There is nothing like that new book aroma of paper and ink? when you?re the AUTHOR! Who will you tell first? Your spouse? Your best friend? Your mother? Or maybe the person or people who tried to squash your dream? You made your big dream come true despite all the negativity the dream-stealers could throw at you. Because of everything you learned in the Entrepreneurial Authoring program, your book is already creating a stir on the internet and around the world. You are receiving offers to do interviews, be a guest on podcasts, and appear on live broadcasts. You are getting hit after hit on your website because you have wisely peppered the net with your articles and special offers. You are becoming the go-to expert in your area? And you are helping thousands and thousands of people solve their problems? And they are all coming back to YOU to help them continue to solve their problems. And they are telling all their friends about your book? And you are getting interviews and notoriety for your book? And you have established tremendous credibility by providing value to people? And your book is getting lots and lots of attention? And you are growing a thriving business... And you are growing RICH! If this is your dream, take action right now and it will become your reality. Don?t keep telling yourself you?ll start writing that book ?someday.? Make it a priority to start now! Get out a pad and pen and get started today!