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Essay Writing Guidelines
Essay Writing Guidelines
Essay writing guidelines have been drafted so that a writer can start off on the right track. It is imperative that students learn the right way of approaching any exercise which involves essay writing. The process could involve essays, dissertations, and research papers. Students have to understand the subject matter and the basic content that needs to be included in the essay. The following guidelines are meant to show the direction one can take to compile good essays. The basic requirement for any writing exercise is to use simple and easy-to-understand language. Use short sentences that are related to the topic. The process of writing would get complicated as the length of the essay increases. Using bullets and numbers to segregate content logically would help.
Choose a topic which you are confident about. If you have a choice of topic, select one that you have knowledge about or have covered in class. The purpose of essay writing is to inform readers about a topic they would like to know about. You have to be the expert and inform them as one. One of the essential essay writing guidelines is that you have to have in-depth knowledge about the topic or acquire knowledge about it.
Prepare an outline for the essay. This is a very good method of including content. Begin by writing the thesis statement. It can be changed or edited at a later stage, if required. The content you add would be the building blocks for the essay. As and when more information is required, look for it in the school library or over the internet.
Write in your own unique style. It might take some time for you to develop your own style, but it is definitely worth the time and effort. In the long run, you would be able to write essays without any difficulty. You will notice that with some practice, many more readers would be interested in your essay. The ideal way to do this is to read essays and other write-ups that appeal to you. Try and adapt the style of writing that appeals to you as a reader. You can always fine tune it later on.
The structure of the essay is important when you are just beginning to write. For example, while writing a science essay, you may have to include content sequentially following a pattern that has been established before. The method involved is to include an introduction, body and conclusion. The body of the essay would contain bulk of the information while the introduction and conclusion would be compiled in just one paragraph each.
Decide on the space to be allotted for graphics and pictures based on the length of the essay. If you are writing a short essay of about 500 words, you may not have space to include any graphics or pictures. Include them, if they are absolutely necessary for readers to understand a concept. When you have scope to write a long essay, include media content that could replace text.
These simple essay writing guidelines should set you up on the right track.

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