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“All about Me” Essays: What Makes You?
“All about Me” Essays: What Makes You?
“All about Me” Essays: What Makes You?
Why do you think somebody wants you to write an “All about Me” essay? What do they want to know?

“They want to know something about me” seems to be quite a logical answer. Yet, what exactly? The way you look like? Your hobbies? Your lifestyle? Your opinion on different issues?

The above list of questions is far not exhaustive. Actually, you can answer any of them in your essay “About Me”. To put it into simple words, your mission boils down to explaining what makes you different from others, what makes you special.

You know that absolutely different things can make one’s personality. Sure, it is up to you what to include into the essay “About Me”. However, if you are stuck a little, we can help you with a couple of ideas.

Considering the following points will help you write an excellent “All about Me” essay, which will tell the reader about various aspects of your personality:
- what makes you happy;
- what makes you sad;
- cases when you really hated something/someone;
- your goals, objectives;
- things that you are currently proud of;
- what you believe in, your values.

In your “All about Me” essay, you can either focus on one or several points. Take time to think what can characterize you best, what can emphasize your positive sides.

It is also important to think of the right type of your “All about Me” essay. Try to come up with some unusual approaches. For instance, your essay “About Me” can be done in the form of a screenplay, or a western story, or a historical overview. By the way, a non-standard way of preparing essays “About Me” will also tell something important about you.

You can also use This I Believe essay and personal essay tips.

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