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An Essay Layout: Two Ways to Make It
An Essay Layout: Two Ways to Make It
An Essay Layout: Two Ways to Make It
Can you not get why essay layouts are important? Do you not understand why a friend of yours who usually makes layouts of essays gets better grades? Are you not sure how to make a proper layout of an essay?

Well, we are ready to answer your questions, because making an essay layout is actually a very important stage of the whole writing process.

Why should you not neglect making essay layouts?

There are several aspects that teachers appreciate much in students’ essays. They are:
clear and precise writing, which flows smoothly;
logical fashion of expressing ideas.

Usually, students who do not make essay layouts fail to meet these standards. Only think about it. You have researched a topic, collected materials, and have a bunch of ideas and information.

Without previous organization and analysis, you will just mess up everything, and the paper will only irritate your teacher instead of amazing him/her.

How to prepare an essay layout?

It depends on how well you understand a topic and how many details you need to write a perfect essay. Thus, your essay layout can be rather detailed or include only the main points. Here are two examples for you.

Way #1
Say, you are writing a mere argumentative essay. An essay layout, which is not detailed, will look as follows:


Paragraph 1: argument 1, example 1
Paragraph 2: argument 2, example 2
Paragraph 3: argument 3, example 3


Way #2
Now, you want to add more details into your essay layout. For instance, you are writing an essay on Macbeth. The following essay layout will be o.k.:

Introduction: general information about the play, its author, etc.

Paragraph 1: the main themes of the play, quotations
Paragraph 2: techniques used in the play
Paragraph 3: how the play is relevant to the present day world, problems


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