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For and Against Essays: One more Chance to Express Your Position
For and Against Essays: One more Chance to Express Your Position
For and Against Essays: One more Chance to Express Your Position
Believe it or not, but any assignment that you get in school help you learn new things and gain new skills and knowledge. For and against essays are not exceptions. It is one more chance for you to learn how to win arguments and support your point of view on different things.

Before you get down to writing your essay for and against something, it is very important to sort out the gist of this assignment. Basically, there are two major purposes of writing for and against essays:
You choose a problem, develop your position on it (for or against), and write a kind of persuasive or argumentative essay, e.g. an essay against using mobile phones in school, an essay against wearing a uniform, an essay for or against the death penalty, etc. You can check our hints for writing argumentative essays.
You choose a problem, study its various aspects (for and against arguments), and write your for and against essay introducing a neutral position on the matter.

In order to complete your assignment correctly, we advise you to consult a teacher on what he/she expects from for and against essays.

Anyway, tips presented below will be useful, no matter what purpose of writing your for and against essay you have.

Tip 1
Take time to study the problem (the main idea of your for and against essay) carefully. What different people think about it? What is your position?

Tip 2
Before writing for and against essays, make a list of all positive and negative points related to the problem.

Tip 3

Use simple facts, statistics, and examples to support your standpoint. To make your writing flow smoothly, use words like on the one/on the other hand, firstly/secondly, in addition, furthermore, to sum up, etc.

Do you want to write an essay for or against the existence of aliens? Our article about an essay on aliens might be helpful.

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